The Detroit Ravens were founded in 2005 by Jason Curtis as a way to allow young men in the metro Detroit area a chance to continue playing the game they loved as well as give younger players a medium chance at furthering their athletic ambitions through college and professional football. Jason believed that the older players who had been to either college or some level of professional football could be good role models for the younger ones.

The Ravens had success from the beginning winning the Mid-States football tournament in their second season and their first league and national championship in 2007. The Ravens went on to win 4 more league titles and three more national championships.

Over the years the Ravens have been able to place several players in college at different junior colleges and universities both locally and nationally. This is due to the contacts that our coaching staff have cultivated over their many years being involved with the sport of football. We have also managed to highlight several of our coaches which allowed them to move on to other coaching opportunities in the police athletic league, Detroit Public Schools, Arena football and collegiate football.

The Ravens biggest asset has been their players with several players taking on responsibilities with the team when they ended their playing days. Terrence Sims, the Ravens all-time leading tackler has served as the team’s president and defensive coordinator since he stopped playing in 2018 and David Smith has served as the team’s vice president since 2015.

Tragically in 2019 the Raven’s lost their head coach Keith Ballard. Coach Bal as the team called him was the winningest coach in Ravens history and the team’s heart and soul. Coach Bal’s record included four conference titles, three league titles and back to back national titles. After the passing of coach Bal coach Marshal took over the head coaching position and remained team offensive coordinator.

The Ravens were struck by tragedy again in 2020 when team owner Jason Curtis passed away due to Cancer in 2020.  This was a tragedy that none of the raven’s past or present were prepared for. Jason was the team’s back bone and had held the team together from the beginning. Before his passing Jason passed ownership of the team to Terrence Sims who serves as team owner and defensive coordinator.
The Ravens will compete in the newly formed MEFA football league for the 2021 season. The league comprises 16 teams in the metro Detroit and West Michigan area. League play begins May 15 and runs for 10 weeks.